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Vinet America has been providing technology solutions for travel
professionals for over 20 years.

First independent IT developers of NDC (New Distribution Capability by IATA)…

Vinet America has been providing internet-based technology solutions for the travel industry for over 20 years. We provide complete systems for Tour Operators, Golf Operators, Airfare Consolidators, Hotels and Inbound Operators.

Now, even small and mid-sized companies can use advanced technology, like NDC, that was previously only available to big online companies.

Vinet America's solutions include dynamic websites powered by NDC, allowing full booking capabilities. They also come with an integrated system for managing reservations and operations, offering a one-stop solution for all your needs. These solutions are ready to go and can be delivered within days of you getting in touch with us.

Our Approach to Development

  • AI Generation Travel Systems (AIGTS)
  • NDC (New Distribution Capability) by IATA;
  • Vinet, the first independent IT company to interface NDC
  • Charter packaging system
  • Dynamic Packaging system including NDC
  • CMS Content management system

Our Products

For more than two decades, Vinet America has been delivering top-notch technology solutions to travel professionals. Our offerings cater to Tour Operators, Golf Operators, Airfare Consolidators, Hotels, and Inbound Operators.

Now, even small and mid-sized companies can tap into the advanced technology that was previously only accessible to a select few major online companies.

Our solutions feature dynamic websites equipped with comprehensive booking capabilities, seamlessly integrated with a back-office reservation and operations system. It is an all-in-one solution for your operational needs. We also provide graphic design, data loading, and internet marketing services. You do not need to worry about the technology; just focus on your travel business while we handle everything else.

What is more, our systems are already up and running, generating over US$10 million in annual online sales for each customer. At Vinet America, we do not just make promises; we deliver results. These solutions are fully functional and ready to roll out within days of reaching out to us.